Every(BODY) is a Gem.

​"Why can't I ever find anything in my size that's actually cute? Why can't my friends and I shop in the same place? Why don't any of the models ever look like me? A decent pair of jeans, please!"

We've all heard this story before. The truth of the matter is, trying on clothes can often feel like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole, a sphere into a cube...or an hourglass into a rectangle. And you, my friend, are far too fabulous for that.

Fit + Style is Every(BODY)'s right, and not just a privilege for some. Every(BODY) is a priority, and never an afterthought. Every(BODY) is beautifully unique, Every(BODY) has worth, and Every(BODY) is gem who should be styled as such. ​

Our biggest mission is to celebrate what makes you different---fashion is just the way we've chosen to do it.

REYDAR is for everyone. REYDAR is for every body.

And Every(BODY) is a gem.

Join us in the movement!

 --- Your friends at REYDAR.